Shouting at the sky

There comes a time when you think ‘What’s the point?’, you feel like you’re screaming at your own reflection and not being heard. There are billions of voices on this planet all crying out to their individual gods, whether spiritual or material, and yours or mine can be so easily lost in the tsunami of sound. There is no reason, though, why you should give up.

Maybe you blog, Twitter, Facebook your heart out and still no one pays any notice. Maybe you rally, petition, all to come to naught. Understand this, many of the great leaders also went unheard. Many of the great scientists warning against this or that were ignored. Spiritual teachers have been scorned and silenced for thousands of years. You’re not alone at shouting at the sky and all you get is rain.

Your voice in this world is important. If you want change, if you want freedom, if you want the choice, don’t feel as if you need to crawl to the powers and beg. You can change now. You can have freedom now. You have your choice now.

For example: two thousand years ago, according to Christian tradition, a man named Jesus preached unity and peace throughout Israel. Did he wait for permission? Did he petition Rome to preach on the street corners of Jerusalem? No, he got up, went out and made his voice heard in such a way it has remained for two millennium. Did Lao Tze or Buddha keep quiet, worrying that what they had to say was pointless? It takes just one listener. Just one understanding.

Stop screaming at the clouds. You have to keep pushing on. Take the first step. Start making that change. Shake the hand of someone scorned by your community. Embrace them, welcome them. Someone will follow you. People won’t like it, but if we all towed the line change could not come about. The greatest men and women have been persecuted, hated.

All it takes is a handshake. Voice=Action. Leave the sky to carry on its way.


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