Diseases We Can Stop

Today someone will die of cancer or HIV. Today someone will die of a disease we, as a human race, have not yet the ability to combat–yet there are diseases we can fight but we do so in a way that is, in the end, irresponsible and futile. Imagine trying to save someone from cancer by adding to the cancer.

Today a child will be brainwashed into taking a hunting knife and slashing an ‘enemy’s’ throat. Today a child will be forced to watch their family be butchered. Today a child will sit in a classroom fearing to go home. Today a teenager will commit suicide because their family are homophobic. Today it could be your child. Yours.

In a world that ‘preaches’ peace yet reacts with violence, we are merely adding to the cancerous cells. In countries that say ‘We are free’ but standby as religions mock and persecute those who are not ‘them’, we are simply giving the okay. Yet these things can be stopped if we dropped out-dated dogma. If we tore up our constitutions, so dusty and antique, and reformed. But no. So attached are we to ancient words, we allow ourselves to be static in time, afraid of change.

Buddha said : Hatred does not cease by hatred, only love. I can hear scorn. I can hear mocking laughter. There is the hatred. It is those people who believe violence and ‘military might’ solve a problem, when all it does it add another brick to the thickening wall of segregation.

Old memories built into the collective mind-set keep breathing life into wars. They breathe life into racism. People point to their flag. It is a flag. A roll of colourful cotton. It cannot save a world. It does not stand for anything if the country it belongs too cannot stand itself. People point to their national anthems, but they are only songs.

We can stop the diseases we create, but the world will need to come to terms with a simple fact: Your country, your religion, your flag, nor your anthem will solve anything. Look around you. Do it now. See all these people? That’s who you belong too. From the most powerful men on earth to the homeless person one step from starvation; from the preacher who gave up everything to spread peace to the terrorist with death on their minds; you belong to this. Humanity. Black, white, Islamic, Christianity, the hungry and the rich, the fat and the thin; the ugly and beautiful, the criminal and the saint. Humanity.

The disease we have created is called segregation. We label, we say what is correct, what is incorrect. “A woman should not be forced to wear a hijab”, and even if they want to wear one it becomes incorrect. “They should wear them in their own country, not ours”, but when you go on vacation do you wear your clothes or the clothes of that country? When you emigrate do you wear your clothes or the clothes of that country? If you’re not prepared to assimilate why expect anyone else too? Because it’s Britain? The USA? Canada? Australia? France?

You are not land, you are human beings. You are organisms, yet you treat foreign entities as land: something to own and control.

The ending of this disease is not down the barrel of a gun. It is not through religions condemning each other with “My god is right, yours is made up,” it is through the acceptance of diversity. It is through compassion. It is through letting go of the past.

You can be a lifesaver today. Forget about cultural and social acceptance. They’re made by fear. Forget about religious beliefs, they’re made by fear. Forget the politically correct notions. Let Christians and Muslims embrace. Let gays run the countries. Let the poor eat with the rich. And most importantly, train our children. Teach them that befriending the disabled kid, shaking hands with a different religion, marrying a different colour, or being sexually different is nothing to be ashamed of.

That’s if you want to save a life. That’s if you are even capable of breaking the chains. You have a voice. Stop gossiping and complaining in private. Freedom of speech swings in two directions. No flags, no countries, no ‘ownership’, no so-called ‘new world order’, just acceptance. We can do that, can’t we?


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